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FREE 3HR CE: FHA Appraisals 411
Taught by DS Murphy and Associates
Tuesday, October 16th from 10-1:15pm

This class is to give agents a better understanding of FHA/HUD standards and requirements as they pertain to the seller's property and/or the buyer's potential purchase. Session 1 concentrates on the external factors such as the subjects site and off site conditions, while Session 2 concentrates on the systems and components of the residential dwelling as both relate to the newest published guidelines.

Lunch provided by Gas South and will present their Realtor Program

FREE 3HR CE: Anatomy of a House
Taught by Champia Home Inspections
Tuesday, October 23rd from 10-1:15pm

A fast paced course ideal for new agents or those who need a quick refresher.
•Identifying the major parts and systems of a house
•Understanding how each part works
•Understanding how various parts are interrelated
•Identifying common problems and how they can be solved

Lunch Provided by Champia Home Inspections

FREE 3HR CE: Home Inspection Deal Killers
Tuesday, November 6th from 10-1;15pm
Taught by Champia Home Inspections

Come and learn about some of the important home inspection finds that can often be deal killers. Factors such as mold, polybutylene, and LP siding can stop a deal cold, but are they really that bad? What options are available? Learn to separate the truths from the myths.

•How to identify common issues
•How to address your client’s concerns
•Understanding repair and remediation options and their costs
•Writing an inspection addendum that will protect you and your client

Lunch Provided by Champia Home Inspections

FREE 3HR CE: New Construction Home Inspections
Tuesday, December 4th from 10-1;15pm
Taught by Champia Home Inspections

A new house doesn’t necessarily mean a good house. Learn how to identify lemons before it’s too late. This class will include an overview of the home building industry and practices in Atlanta, What do cities and counties really enforce and what do they miss, how to evaluate a new home under construction and best practices for protecting your client and yourself.

Lunch Provided by Champia Home Inspections

FREE 3HR CE: An Appraisers Guide to CMA’s 
Taught by DS Murphy and Associates
Thursday, Dec.6th from 10-1:15pm 

This class will help you develop skills, provide you with new tools to do CMAs correctly and yield more accurate numbers. Agents are trapped in the middle between being a real estate agent and being an "appraiser”. The standard tools and methods to complete a CMA are not adequate to arrive at a meaningful suggested list price but if an agent goes too far they run the risk of acting as an appraiser. We will help you define that line so you are not at risk of disciplinary action by the board but still use appraisal techniques to improve your CMAs. An Appraiser’s Guide to CMAs will assist you with identifying proper databases to be used, finding the best comparables and most importantly making the correct adjustments. While there is no secret book of adjustments appraisers use, we will share with you general adjustment parameters and benchmarks to assist in you completing far more accurate CMAs for your clients.

Lunch Provided

True North Real Estate Academy, is approved by GREC as Real Estate School #7746, license expiring 12/31/2019. These classroom offerings are approved for 3 hrs. of CE by the GREC. There are no prerequisites for these classes. Certification of completion will be provided only if the student attends all hours of instruction. The school will not allow anyone to recruit students to become a new affiliate for any brokerage firm on the school premises during a class or two hours immediately before or after a class meets. The school or instructor will promptly report any violation of this rule to the school director/coordinator or the GREC. A student will not receive any CE credit for taking a course if they have taken the same course within the previous twelve months.